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Duel is a platform for
gamers, made by gamers.
Organize your esports tournaments
as you have always dreamed of.

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You will be able to create tournaments with different types of formats, adapted to each of your favorite video games.


Share your league with your friends or followers. Track classification, results and schedule.


We have different tools to avoid cheaters. Our commitment is that Duel is a calm place for the most committed players.


Invite users from all over the world to join your tournaments and leagues. Challenge your friends to see who wins the duel.


Duel was born with the databases of the most successful soccer games in history. Thus being able to recreate the templates of your virtual team or choosing your favorite team.


If you share your games on streaming platforms, now with Duel you can share your tournaments with others.


Duel was born from the idea of a group of players who feel the need to have an esports tournament management platform that meets all the expectations of the most demanding players.

We have great ideas for the project that will be developed and incorporated gradually, you can follow up on our project page or our social networks.

Furthermore, Duel is created with the purpose of listening to and supporting the gamer community. You can feel part of this project by contributing suggestions on our networks or in the future also through our crowdfunding system, which we will enable soon.

We are also working on a partner project to support us in the continuous improvement of the platform. And so you can follow them on their networks and platforms and participate in the tournaments they organize.

Follow them on their networks and platforms to participate in the tournaments they organize.

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