A tool designed for and by players

We have developed a platform basing the demands on the needs of video game and eSports players. We add necessary functionalities so you can enjoy and compete at the highest level.

  • Organize

    With Duel, create tournaments with different types of formats: leagues, playoffs, combinations of formats. All adapted and inspired by your favorite video games.


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  • Share

    Share your league with friends or followers. Having an exclusive link and customization options so your followers can differentiate your tournaments and can track classification, results and calendar.


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  • Anti-cheating

    We have different tools to avoid cheaters, which will continue to increase and evolve. Our commitment is that Duel is a calm place for the most committed players. From now on, NO TO CHEATERS!


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  • Invite

    Invite users from all over the world to join your tournaments and leagues. Share the inscription link with whoever you want. Open the possibility for your followers to face you or challenge your friends to see who wins the duel.


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  • Templates

    Duel was born with the databases of the most successful soccer games in history: FC 24 and Efootball. Thus being able to recreate the templates of your virtual team or choosing your favorite team. But this does not stop here, in future versions we will continue launching games and adapting the database to the needs of the most demanding players.


    plantilla de FC24 para competir
  • Streamings

    Share your games with friends and followers. All your Duel matches can be linked to your streams. Don't let anyone miss anything.


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  • And much more…

    Duel will be constantly evolving to give players the best experience. If you want to know about our project and the new features that we will be implementing in the future, visit our project page.


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