Welcome to the future

Our project seeks to provide the gamer with the best gaming and competition experience possible. That's why we seek to integrate with all the platforms you are already used to using. So that Duel becomes a perfect complement for all players. Duel integrations are the perfect complement for gamers and eSports.

Play, interact and share your eSports

Since we proposed the project we have been looking for solutions to the needs of gamers. In an increasingly digital world, social networks, streaming platforms and chats are essential for the communication and socialization of video games.

From there we thought about all the platforms with which we could integrate and give the user the greatest number of options that they were already accustomed to using in their video game and eSports games and tournaments.

This is a long road, we are in constant contact with both the community and gamers and content creators to improve our platform.

Duel integrations

Here we present some of the integrations we currently have and how we plan to use them in the future. Youtube and Twitch can link your games so that your fans and followers can watch your eSports tournaments. In the future we want to implement more features with these platforms so that you can share and interact with users. Discord, currently you can manage all the communication of your tournaments with Discord, create rooms and invite users, in the future we want to do full integration with the platform. Google, you can register easily through your Gmail account.

Duel integrated with Discord allows effective coordination with teammates, discussion of strategies and fluid communication during games.

It keeps you informed about events and tournaments and makes it easy to join specific servers and channels.

Additionally, it provides a safe and comfortable space to interact with other players, fostering connections and friendships in the gaming community.

Twitch, the leading streaming platform, is the home of streamers and the epicenter of the gaming community. By integrating Duel with Twitch, we give you an enriched experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of video games and enjoy all its benefits.

By participating in real-time tournaments and events through Duel's integration with Twitch, you'll be able to compete with players from around the world, show off your skills, and win rewards.

In addition, this integration allows you to closely follow your favorite games, always keeping you informed about the results and news of the tournaments.

YouTube, a leader in audiovisual content, is the meeting point for the gaming community. By integrating Duel with YouTube, you will enjoy an enriched experience in the world of video games.

Access tournaments and events on Duel with YouTube, watch games from global players and learn from their skills. The integration allows you to follow your favorite channels and stay informed about tournaments and trends.

The collaboration between Duel and YouTube provides opportunities for content creators, generating income and building a career in gaming. Participate in sponsored events and grow your community on the platform.

Google allows us to offer you a personalized and secure experience. Through integration with Google, you can easily access Duel using your Google credentials.

Find events and tournaments of your interest, and stay updated with the latest news from the gaming world.