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Team Building

Looking for an original and fun strengthen team work in your company?

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Organizar un team building con videojuegos y torneos en Duel ofrece múltiples ventajas. Es una forma divertida y emocionante de fortalecer la cohesión del equipo, mejorar la comunicación y fomentar el espíritu de colaboración entre los miembros. Además, los torneos proporcionan un ambiente relajado y competitivo que ayuda a reducir el estrés y aumenta la motivación.

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¡Descubre cómo Duel puede hacer realidad tus eventos de Empresa!

We are the ideal platform for the organization and management of tournaments, offering innovative solutions and unique experiences for your employees.


In Duel, we take care of the entire process prior to the tournament. Since the creation and registration of users to the detailed explanation of the platform.

Live Event

We organize events unforgettable. From the choice of the place to the configuration of consoles, we take care of every detail so that your company live an incredible gaming experience.


We conducted surveys of workers to know their preferences of games and platforms. With this information, we create a proposal for a tournament adapted to the tastes of your computer

Online Event

We can organise EVERYTHING for you. From the management of the results to communication during the event,we make sure that everything goes perfectly. In addition, we offer choices of streaming, and social networking.


In Duel, we are proud to partner with companies in diverse sectors that seek to promote team work, communication, and sportsmanship among their employees through exciting tournaments and eSports.

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